16 4 APPLE WWDC 2017: Highlighting the New iMac Pro and the New HomePod

Apple had their APPLE WWDC 2017 event few days ago, and we are going to highlight some of the most important things that is interesting. Normally Apple uses this event to show their new software and OS versions. Watch OS had it’s upgrade so did the Mac OS, High Sierra is what they are calling their next major release. They also provided updates to the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac and of course there is a new version of iOS as well with more features.

The two products we will be discussing in this article is iMac Pro and the HomePod. First up is the iMac Pro, this iMac is really targeted towards graphic designers and professionals. It has some really nice stats, 5k display, the most interesting part about this is that the CPU and the GPU. You can configure this with an 8 core, 10 core and 18 core CPU. And it’s not a Core i9, it’s just a cut down version of the Xenon processor.

18 APPLE WWDC 2017: Highlighting the New iMac Pro and the New HomePod

Then there’s the GPU, the iMac Pro will use a Vega GPU, and we think it’s the Frontier GPU for Vega and it’s not the Radeon gaming version because after all this is a workstation class iMac so, Frontier version makes sense. If the iMac Pro is something that you want then this will set you back $5000. And yes you can customize the CPU, 8 to 18 Core, 128 GB of RAM, 4 TB of Hard drive, 16 GB of HBM2 memory.

Moving on to the HomePod, Google has the Google Assistance, Amazon has Alexa. Everyone is basically doing AI machine learning, they all want to give us information with this artificial intelligence in the same vein as the computer in Star Trek. Apple is taking a different approach, Apple Siri device is the HomePod.

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17 4 APPLE WWDC 2017: Highlighting the New iMac Pro and the New HomePod

It’s really a well designed fancy speaker system that can do voice query and give responses. This thing will set you back $349 and while you at it why not buy two speakers because it’s smart enough to know that there’s two speakers to give you the best optimal music output. The presenter said that “Buy two speakers” which is funny.

Apple designed pretty products, we think they are really focusing on the music aspects of this device as if people are going to buy this to listen to music. Apple approach to this is different than that what Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistance is doing. Those two are really approaching it as a home assistant, someone an AI that you can talk to. Apple on the other hand is targeting this or marketing this as a Music speaker system first, AI feature on the second.