It looks like Apple is working hard to bring in new innovations to its devices. Recently we heard several things regarding what Apple has been working on. Which includes its own microLED panels, a foldable iPhone and now the company is planning even something bigger.

Apple is expected to bring major improvements to their hardware in the coming future. Where Apple is now said to be working on a flexible battery structure. This new kind of battery was also discovered from a patent that Apple recently acquired.

flexiblebattery Apple Working On Flexible Batteries For Its Much Rumored Foldable iPhone Device

When it comes to a flexible battery a lot of advantages can be achieved. Which will let to a device that has an improved design. Aside from that a flexible battery is also necessary to build a foldable iPhone. Samsung has also been working on something similar. While Apple is expected to launch its first foldable device in the year 2020.

With the help of a flexible battery, Apple will be able to better optimize its iPhone design. As there would be less space needed because of the flexible nature of the battery. Which can be moved and arranged in any order. Something like this can also increase the capacity of batteries on future iPhone devices. iPhone X is a great example of it, where Apple soldered two battery together to fit inside the case.

iPhone X iFixit teardown 005 Apple Working On Flexible Batteries For Its Much Rumored Foldable iPhone Device

Whatever the case maybe we still don’t have a lot of evidence supporting this news. Though Apple is a company who don’t just patent ideas that won’t be used in the future. So we might indeed see a foldable phone or a flexible battery from the company soon. Apple is also in need of a new innovation, because even after the iPhone X was launched. The device didn’t have as great of an impact that Apple hoped it would.

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What do you think Apple should do on its future iPhone devices?