Remember the recent Apple incident, where the company admitted to slowing down older iPhone models. Well Apple is now ready to redeem itself by offering battery replacement at more than half of the original price.

Users with older iPhone models can now replace their batteries for a new in just $29 a pop. This was done as a result of Apple apologizing to its customers for slowing down the performance on older iPhone models. That’s all good but till now we didn’t have any idea about who is eligible for this discounted battery replacement offer from Apple. Because a lot of users claim that Apple denied them a battery replacement even after their device passed a diagnostic test that Apple Genius Bar performs.

maxresdefault Apple Will Replace Batteries On Older iPhone Models Regardless Its Performance

Apple now issued a clear message that the discounted battery replacement offer would be eligible starting from the iPhone 6 or later. User do not need to worry about the diagnostic test now, as it won’t be needed to clarify whether you are eligible for the discounted battery replacement. But there are still some things to consider before going to an Apple store. Because Apple won’t be replacing batteries on an iPhone that is already damaged in some way, or if the phone is using some third party components inside.

It’s good to see that Apple is doing something to calm down its angry customers. But i don’t think a battery replacement will do well in the long run. Because Apple’s iOS maintenance feature would eventually lower down the performance again after the battery starts to show its age. This would again force its users to opt for another battery replacement.

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iphone 1514801898 Apple Will Replace Batteries On Older iPhone Models Regardless Its Performance

There might be more to this story than just slowing down performance on older iPhone models. Because Apple could have fixed it with a software update, removing their maintenance feature that limits CPU performance on older iPhone models.

What do you think about Apple and what its doing?