Apple announces to shift the display screens from LCD to OLED. The company’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8 will come with OLED display. The OLED display consumes less energy and are brighter with better color contrast than than the LCD. The company is making experiments from micro-OLED displays.

Since the rumors are not confirmed by Apple, but it is expected that the Apple first trial will be on the Apple smart watches. According to the report, the Apple is producing few units of these smart watches with OLED display at the end of the year for the sake of experiment.

apple watch 3 splash 800x618 Apple will produce a micro OLED Displays at the end of 2017

According to the report, one of the industry spokesperson said:

A few makers engaged in R&D for micro LED display products, despite many technological bottlenecks, are expected to take the initiative to begin trial production in the second half of 2017 at the earliest, according to industry sources.

Apple has been keen in the development of micro LED technology following its acquisition of LuxVue in 2014, and recent market speculations also indicate that Apple is likely to crank out a small volume of micro LED display products from its plant in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan at the end of the year.

Zarian Digital Watch III 11 Apple will produce a micro OLED Displays at the end of 2017

Apple watch series 3 will have the micro LED technology. The company has connected with the next generation display technology. Apple acquired small LED maker LuxVue in 2014. At the same time Samsung Electronics to beat the competition to acquire micro-LED company Play Nitride. The both companies focused on the LED display for the second generation at the end of this year.

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For the past five years, many of the smartphone maker companies using the OLED displays for smart devices. But in case of Apple, the tech giant never introduces such technology before the market experiments, it was the first time the company acquires OLED specialized firm for its devices display. We can say that the company is so ambitious about to launch LED displays in massive of its smart devices.