Apple watches first came out in early 2015 and since then, their features list is increasing at a very good speed. The developers are working pretty hard to make it a secondary smart assistant for you as it is compact and can do a lot of things which a smartphone can do. There are many such features which either remain unknown to its users or they remain stuck in finding out how to do certain things. To make it simple, we are here with 3 such features which are actually pretty easy to use but remain unknown to many of the users.

These features can be used and adjusted through the Settings app which is accessible by clicking the gray and white gear-shaped icon found on the watch’s Home Screen.

1. Time

dscf2224 How To: Check out the unknown features of your Apple Watch and learn how to adjust them

As the name shows, it is for adjusting the time settings in your watch and you can change the time shown on your watch face. The preset option can let you adjust the watch up to 60 minutes ahead via the wheel and the accompanying Set button. This is helpful if you are one of those who always get late for meetings, office etc. This may look simple, but can a lot of time of yours.

The best part is that this changed time is only to deceive your mind and not the alerts, notifications, and alarms on your watch. So at the backend, all alerts use the original time.


2. Bluetooth

apple watch sport setup screen How To: Check out the unknown features of your Apple Watch and learn how to adjust them

Another very important feature of the Apple Watch is the Bluetooth as it decides the practicality of the watch. After all, what’s the point of a smartwatch if you have to plug in headphones with it. To pair a Bluetooth headset, search for the pairable devices available within the range of your watch and tap on the one you want to connect with. Just like how you used to connect two mobile phone devices in the previous times. The developers have made separate sections of Bluetooth for tracking your health and other normal uses.

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3. Airplane Mode

%name How To: Check out the unknown features of your Apple Watch and learn how to adjust them


As it is clear by the name, Airplane mode is for the times when you don’t want any calls, texts or other notifications. It’s not for traveling in the Airplane necessarily and hence you can use it by toggling the Airplane Mode switch. This option can be found in the same settings app to when you want to avoid all sources of communication without switching off your watch.

P.S: It disables WiFi and Mobile Data too!