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You can now buy the Apple Watch series 4 in India – Should you be hyped?

The much-awaited watch of the year “The Apple Watch Series 4” was officially launched by the company on 19 October 2018.

The major improvements that came along the launch are the fitness tracker, the electrical heart sensor, and re-engineered digital crown.

Although the heart rate sensor was already included in series 3, it was not detailed and specific as the series 4 version.

Meanwhile, the watch also comes with automatic workout detection. Read below-

What is Automatic Workout Detection?

The watch is able to track how many pushups or boxing drills you have done. It comes with a special proximity sensor that is able to detect hand or body movements.

It can alert you if you have an elevated heart rate, take ECG and help you out with other health issues.  

The watch will detect if your heart rate falls below a required threshold for about 10 mins and notify you about your trembling heart rate.

It has a pace and cadence alert feature. It is specially made for runners and sprinters. This feature can tell you at what rate you are exerting movement of your body and how much you should increase or decrease your movement in order to meet the required deadline.


You can share your activity with your friends, can compete with them and can also earn rewards. You have monthly challenges. This will motivate you to earn your honour badge.

Your competitive achievements upgrade every time once you complete a challenge.

You also have your personalized coach. This is an AI feature gradually telling you what to do next and how can you improve.

This not only covers your fitness exertion but also makes your life easy and gives you different ways to connect with the world.  

You can receive phone calls and messages, listen to podcasts’ and talk with Siri anytime you want.  

You can use Siri on your Apple watch as you have used it in iPhones and iPads. Say “Hey Siri” and it activates your AI assistant. Give any command and it follows that command.  

The apple watch comes with cellular mode (4g enabled) so that you can stay connected and you do not require your Apple phone alongside you.

That does not mean that you cannot pair your device from far off places. It can be paired and used as much as the Series 3 could be.

This means it has all the features of the Series 3 (nothing excluded) but it also comes with improved technology and new features.

According to Apple – the watch “resets the standard for what a watch can be”.


The Apple Watch series 4 is of the same size as the ‘Series 3’, but ‘Series 4’ has a larger display which enables big-screen usability. The simplified rectangular architecture can give you enough space. The viewer area is about 30% larger compared to the previous version.

The automatic brightness regulator can adjust the devices’ brightness according to the surrounding light, so nothing can stop you from using your watch in dim light.

The S4 chip installed lets your device run faster compared to the previous version. It is a 64-bit dual core chipset with twice the processing power as the previous one.

The Digital Crown

The Digital Crown is a mechanical wheel that is attached to the watch at the rear end. It minimizes the use of touch and helps you navigate the watch without stumbling the function of the watch. This time it comes with Haptic Feedback. Haptic Feedback is a technology that gives tactile feedback to the user.

For example, a mobile device vibrates when we touch a specific area.


The watch comes with a 50% louder speaker providing the user with louder, clearer and high pitched sound.

This can be helpful for using Siri and Walkie Talkie.

The Series 4 comes with a 44mm case for the plus version and 40mm case for the base version whereas Series 3 came with 42mm and 38mm sized cases respectively.  

Comparison with Series 3

  • The new model comes up with an electrical heart sensor whereas this technology was completely missing in series 3.
  • The Series 4 has 2nd generation optical heart sensor compared with the first generation present in series 3.
  • The fall detection feature is missing in the series 3 models.


The Fitbit Versa: With up to 5 days of battery life, Fitbit takes the charge with its sleep monitoring feature and swim tracking. It also has a heart rate monitor but fails to give the ECG report of the user. This is where Apple Watch Series 4 leads the market.

Samsung Gear S3: Samsung Gear S3 is extremely versatile for its great battery life and changing modes. Unlike the Apple watch series 4, the product cannot give 8 pieces of information about your body all in a single space. But Apple Watch series 4 can do that. You need to swipe a lot on the Gear S3 to check the body health metrics.

Samsung Gear S3 is compatible with iPhone as well as the device can be used by anyone having a smartphone. The Apple watch is only compatible with iPhone.

Though the watch holds a battery life of only 18 hours, it is still preferable over other smartwatches given its new and enhanced health monitoring features which have been elaborated above.

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