The Apple Watch Series 2 was release last year.The watch come with some unique and exceptional features which make it a genuine sports and fitness watch.

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Apple Launch it first Watch on April 2015 and it was widely used for for health and fitness tracking. It was apple first generation product and it lack in some key feature and user interface. The watch come with some glitch and lag which result in slow loading applications. The company acquire much information from its debut release and enhance the specification and quality of series 2.



Apple watch Series 2 is the company’s second generation smartwatch. it has alter design as compare to the first watch . Apple only increase the thickness of Series 2 by 1 mm which help in adding few extra feature in the watch. They have add internal GPS chip which will help the user to track their fitness activities like running or cycling. Series 2 is absolutely waterproof up to 50 meter under water which also help in swim tracking . Apple claim that battery can last up-to five hours on constant GPS activity

Apple watch Series 2 comes in three models. The new watch has the same finishes as before except ceramic model replace the gold model.

The aluminum model has a price tag of $369 , the stainless steel model price is $549 and the ceramic model starts at $1,249 .

Apple Watch Series 2 has Fast Processing speed with a dual‑core processor and 2 time brighter display. The upgrade in hardware improve the speed up to 50% and enhance the graphics performance twice compare to the previous chip.

Phil Schiller, the SVP of Apple says the Apple is introducing smart speakers with a smart screen


Series 1 spec and feature comparison with series 2

Series 2 Series 1 specs comparison Apple Watch Series 2 ,Spec , Reviews and updates