Screen Shot 2017 01 25 at 5.47.48 PM Apple Watch 3 may change the concept of SmartWatch, By Introducing Modular Design

Apple wants to remove the electrical components from watch and turn the Apple watch into a metal wrist band Watch. Because the Apple Watch 2 was a thick in size to place on your wrist, but now Apple is coming with the solution in Apple Watch 3.

Apple Watch 3 will have the battery, speakers, cameras or may be solar cells to charge the device when needed.

Apple Watch 3 is coming with modular wrist band which is the most important part of the new watch because these modules can be easily swapped from its positions.

When you want to remove the module, you can then swap it out for another feature. It might likewise mean the cost of the center Apple Watch gadget could drop, permitting you to spend the additional cash on the additional features you really need from a wearable.

As Patent shown by Apple looks like its simple and easy to change the module of the Wrist Band, which gives you chance to use different features on different days.

Its New Design will allow you to use your Apple watch for a long time. Apple recently stated that the wearables of Apple are designed to be lasts for only three years.But the design of the new Apple Watch 3 will allow you to change the module according to your need and increase the lifespan of the watch.

This technology is unlikely to be ready for the Apple Watch 3 – it’s not even certain this is something Apple is actively developing – but maybe this is the innovative new design everyone wants to see from Apple’s wearable.

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