Recently, the Sling TV launched its DVR cloud for the android as well as for the Roku users. Amazon Fire TV devices are also availing the same type of cloud services from the Sling TV. Now the company is offering for the Apple TV users accessing its cloud services by paying $5 extra per month and the company will offer the 50 hours of cloud storage to the users.

The DVR feature of Sling TV is working on for the last few days, but the company is saying the feature as “First Look,”. The users have to face the problem in the access of some channels and the company claimed that there are licensing issues and soon the issues will be resolved and users will enjoy the service of all channels.

dims Apple TV users can enjoy the Sling TVs cloud DVR services by paying $5 extra per month

If you are the Sling TV subscriber then you can enjoy the feature of Cloud DVR recordings until you have the subscription. Moreover, this feature allows you to record the videos or your favorite shows.

The recording tool can be enjoyed only on by the Sling TV customers on the PlayStation Vue and now as well as for the Apple TV. The recordings will automatically remove from the next 28 days from the recordings. The Sling TV gives you options for the pause the video, more functions include the rewinding and fast-forwarding of the recordings. These features make the company services from the others.

Sling TV on AppleTV 4 900x617 Apple TV users can enjoy the Sling TVs cloud DVR services by paying $5 extra per month

The company offers the services at the affordable prices and giving the tough times to its competitors. Along the services, there are some flaws in the design and user interface that needs to make improvements. The company should make the TV the user-friendly as the other competitors like YouTube TV. However, this can be the suitable option for users to enjoy the TV at low cost and get rid of other expensive services.

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