Apple launched it’s new TV app in October 2016 in it’s “hello again” for all iDevices , iPhones and Apple TV.This Tv app enables the users to search all videos and TV  at one place this app is good alternative of Netflix.In the past when iDevices select a movie to watch it redirect it to the Netflix app user re-select the same item.Apple TV app has removed this hurdle, it integrated Netflix user has no need to redirect from January 2017.

Apple TV enables the user to resume the video where he  has left in his last session.User have to click up to next and movie starts play from previous resume.Although it has lower down the browsing hard work of user.

The finishing of app is still in process.Netflix titles and recommendations are the main area to work upon.The next number of suggestion how these are prioritize is under construction.

Apple try to produce it’s own original Video content:

Apple original content reports that Apple want to boost the sale of iPad which has been significantly declined.There are few more rumors Apple intended to produce feature film because he has approached many Hollywood producers and directors.

Apple to embed the latest 7nm process nodes from TSMC in its upcoming A12 Chipsets - TSMC becomes the biggest mass producer of 7nm process nodes!