We are in a state of continuous transition and the products which we used to love at a certain time are now becoming obsolete.

pic 17 Say good bye to the 2nd Generation Apple TV   You wont find any sort of hardware maintenance from the company now
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One of the things of past is the 2nd Generation Apple TV. Apple is continuously developing newer products for its customers and the older ones are becoming extinct. It’s a natural process that when people stop buying a product over a period of time, it goes to junk! Almost same is the case here. Additionally, the company has announced that no more hardware support will be provided to the customers except Turkey and California.

Interesting Fact About the Production of Apple TV 2nd Generation

Well, it’s kind of a good news for the people who are using 2nd Generation Apple TV in California or Turkey because they will be getting the official hardware support by the company. But for the rest of the world, it’s disappointment! What’s more interesting? The company has given a reasonable explanation for this act. It was necessary in this case as most of us didn’t even consider it as “Obsolete”, the reason being that Apple started the production of the 2nd Gen TV in 2010. Seems “Not so old to me”, but the fact is that they stopped the production in 2012 which was surprising for many of us.

pic 18 Say good bye to the 2nd Generation Apple TV   You wont find any sort of hardware maintenance from the company now
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Well, the Apple TV’s 4th generation is successfully running in the market and most of the people have even forgotten about something named as Apple TV 2nd generation.

The Company’s Explanation

Though we consider the product as an obsolete one but still Apple has something to say. They are placing the Apple TV 2nd generation in the category of “Vintage” by the way they define the term. According to them, the product which is discontinued more than 7 years ago is considered to be obsolete and for obsolete products, there is no hardware support anywhere in the world. But they have made an exception by putting there 2nd Gen TV in the list of Vintage items. Hence they will be providing the hardware support in Turkey and California.

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Well, we are always willing to see newer and better products from Apple. Fingers crossed for the next-gen Apple TV.