The Apple Store in Palo Alto, California has briefly brought down its screens for repair after the break-in in December last year. At the time, Mercury News announced that a gathering of 8 to 10 robbers crashed into the Apple Store with a leased Kia Soul and stole numerous Macs and iPhones.

The episode happened before day break and the cops found the leased grey Kia Soul on the walkway with monstrous harm, and a gap in the Apple Store’s floor-to-roof glass front. This Apple Store has been the objective of burglars quite a few times for the past six months. In a sequence of grab-and-go thefts, criminals came in amid store hours and seized away every one of the gadgets on display. Little has been said about the shut down of the Palo Alto store on the organization’s official site. Apple has not remarked on the opening date of the store.

In December of 2016, the police were told about the burglary a short while after 4:30 a.m. by the onlookers who said that there were many people sprinting from the store. A Hyundai Sonata was pinpointed by the police less than a block away in an abandoned back street. A number of the stolen iPhones and Macs were discovered scattered both in and around the auto.

applestorepa4 1024x682 The Apple store in Palo Alto has been shut down for renovation after break in
Apple Store in Palo Alto, California


“This was a pretty brazen act. When somebody breaks their way into a business after hours and uses a vehicle to force their way into a store,” stated Sgt. James Reifschneider of Palo Alto police at the time.

The surveillance videos demonstrated that the burglars slithered into the store through the opening in the glass wearing hooded sweatshirts. Apple utilizes vast glass entryways and windows at countless number of its stores, which might be the offender as it is easy to break into. Some of the stores have things like bollards set before the store, yet if there should arise an occurrence of the Palo Alto break-in, the thieves just drove around them and rolled in from the walkway.

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Apple’s famous store, the Fifth Avenue “cube” in New York city is likewise shut down for renovation on Jan. 20, 2017, and the organization will move the outlet to the adjacent General Motors building temporarily. With new dispatches from the organization in the pipeline, shoppers in Palo Alto would trust that the store revives its doors to them soon. Apple, then again, would hope to amplify security at this vulnerable area to keep thieves under control, if it revives the Palo Alto store.