On the gracious occasion of Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple shared that it is all set for the inclusion of one of the much-wanted and much-awaited feature in iOS 11. It said on Monday (June 5, 2017) that the DND while driving feature would detect the users while on the move.

texting while driving Apple Shows Concerns Over Distracted Driving: The Company Shares DND While Driving Feature; Included In The iOS 11

Yeah that’s right that the above noted feature is not a dream anymore and the same would help detect all those on the go i.e. when they’re in a moving vehicle.

The iPhone users would be happy to hear that as the feature in question, beyond doubts will help reducing the element of distracted driving. Not only that, inclusion of this important feature would also pull out Apple from the allegations of using “resources” and “technology” that would stop iPhone users; to use their handsets while on the move.

apple e1431109667516 1 1024x575 Apple Shows Concerns Over Distracted Driving: The Company Shares DND While Driving Feature; Included In The iOS 11

Apparently, Apple never implement any of such methods in reality though there seemed no harm even if the company tried it; after all, the same would be pretty beneficial and instrumental; when it comes to saving countless lives; lost due to inattentive or distracted driving.

As mentioned above, Apple has reasons behind the introduction of DND while driving feature (i.e. Do Not Disturb while driving term). The number of road accidents has increased alarmingly over the past few years with distracted driving being one among the major causes behind.

Showing their concern, Apple considered this is the time to finally take a stand and at least try to prevent the individuals from focusing on their iPhones; more than the road ahead. So what’s this the DND or Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature that Apple’s has promised to come with iOS 11?

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The announcement of the arrival of this features comes through Craig Federighi, the Software Engineering Division’s SVP, who said that it would turn off the phone’s notification services automatically; the moment it detects the user(s) driving or moving around.

This would simply result in leaving the iPhone users fully focused on driving; and not getting distracted while they’re on the road.

How It Will Work?

The feature in question would determine a user’s movement, using both the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and not only the alerts or notifications would be turned off; the users will have to stop; to even access their handset’s home screen and open the desired app.

Further, the friends/families of such iPhone users will receive an automated message, suggesting that the user is driving; though the DND While Driving Feature would not be effective; if the iPhone is running on car’s Bluetooth.