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Apple All Set to Come up with Edge-To-Edge Display and Function Area in Next iPhone 8 Release

iPhone 8

According to rumours, the much anticipated smartphone of the year iPhone 8 is coming up with something big and it is going to revolutionize the smartphone world. Apple is planning to hit markets with Edge-to-Edge display and Function Area concept in iPhone 8. Evidently apple has put in a lot of efforts into developing this concept, and if this concept is turned in to reality during September release, then it would be great news for the customers who are eager to upgrade devices.

The previous versions of the iPhone are somewhat similar to the new iPhone 8 concept the features like power buttons, the volume buttons and the profile switch already exists in those versions. The key features that are going to turn ‘iPhone 8’ the next sensation of the market is the function area which behaves just as the Touch Bar of the 2016 MacBook Pro family. With the finger, user can either swipe left or right on the function area and the icons will show up right in front of the user allowing him to handle multiple tasks.

This new concept might make the Control Center of no use if the rumour is true, but everyone have to wait until the official announcement to figure out what Apple is going to offer to its user. Another thing that got the attention of all tech enthusiasts is the curved edge to edge display. iPhone 8 is said to have this OLED panel, which would ease the manufacturers giving it a curved shape, and that might be the reason why Apple is giving a curved shape smartphone to its users.

The bezel less approach is a lot more different than Mi MIX because there still would be front camera sensor at the top with metal speaker grill. This concept has created hype in the smartphone market and the users are now more excited than ever for the announcement that’s going to happen in September and quite evidently this time Apple is coming up the radical redesign.


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