CEO of Apple Tim Cook is against Trump’s immigration order and will take legal action or might start campaign against the Newly Elected President ban order.

Tim cook told the media that “If we look at the history here our nation is strong only because we have immigrants over here from all over the world, and they were treated as equal, This is what matters and that is the only thing that make is unique. We should truly think through this matter and sort this thing out.” 

microsoft banner1200x536 Apple voiced out its disapproval of President Donald Trump’s Immigration Order
Photo Credit: AP

Tim Cook further commented that he has sent emails to all the employees just after the immigration order was made official.

This three months ban is for Muslim countries which include: Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

From that point forward, more than 200 tech pioneers have criticized the immigration ban, saying it is un-ethical and it harms workers and development.

7K 14 Apple voiced out its disapproval of President Donald Trump’s Immigration Order

More than four hundred tech originators and directors have agreed to go against the Trump new policy and the agenda is to cancel the Muslim migration order.

Regardless of the objection, the president stays resolute about his choice:

But Apple is not the only main organization that has take a legal stand against Trump’s immigration ban.

Great number of Googlers over the nation over took it to the avenues to talk up against the Muslim ban order. Microsoft and Amazon also did took a stance against the Trump organization.

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