Apple just revealed that among all its users 65% are running on iOS 11. While the rest are still clinging to the older versions of iOS.

Looking at previous versions, the iOS 11 hasn’t made as great of an impact. Reason why only 65% of Apple users are running iOS 11 on their devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Aside from that only 28% are still running on iOS 10. While the rest well they are still running on an even older version of iOS.

iOS 11 adoption rate January 2018 820x582 Apple Reveals That Among Their Users Only 65% Have Shifted Over To iOS 11

It’s really not surprising to see such a low percentage of adoption rate with the iOS 11. This is because with iOS 11, Apple dropped support for devices running on 32-bit interface. This includes all the iPhone models below the iPhone 5s. Most users are still holding on to their older hardware like the iPhone 5, with some even using older models to date. This also explains why there is such a huge gap this year with the adoption of iOS 11.

The negativity that iOS 11 got during its launch is also the reason for low adoption rate. That was mainly due to the numerous bugs that the software had, but all of that is in the past now. Apple have now addressed a lot of issues that iOS 11 had in the past. Where recently Apple also launched iOS 11.2, bringing fast wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

apple ios 11 review header Apple Reveals That Among Their Users Only 65% Have Shifted Over To iOS 11

Now Apple is said to be working on a new update known as iOS 11.2.5. That will bring further tweaks and improvements to the software. Cook also revealed that with this upcoming update users would also gain the ability to disable CPU throttling, allowing users to run their Apple devices at its full potential. The CEO also apologized for not addressing this issue sooner.

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Are you still running an older version of IOS, if Yes, then do share why?