Just like its wearable devices the recently introduced Apple AirPods would also be getting an upgrade next year. That according to KGI Securities analyst would have a better variant compared to the current Apple AirPods. Though Apple is expected to launch their 2nd generation AirPods somewhere in the second half of next year.

AirPods 1 Apple Reported To Launch Second Generation AirPods In The Mid Of Next Year

The current generation of AirPods do offer flexibility in a lot of areas. But that does not mean, there is no room for improvement down the line. As according to KGI Securities analyst the next generation of Apple AirPods might come with its own inductive charging case. Which would eliminate the need for having a case to charge them.

Though Apple might be working on a new version of its AirPods. The current version is still not available for purchase due to shortage. Which according to Apple will be sorted out next year. As according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the main reason behind the shortage is the availability of the battery rigid-flex PCB. That is the main reason why Apple is unable to complete the demand. A component that would also be used on the upcoming 2nd generation of Apple AirPods.

62157223 Apple Reported To Launch Second Generation AirPods In The Mid Of Next Year

Aside from that Apple might also introduce a bunch of new colors with its 2nd generation AirPods. That might also come with an improved design and an improved battery life. Whatever the case maybe do take all this information with a grain of salt. Though Apple have always introduced better versions of its gadgets like the Apple watch. So do expect Apple to do the same with its current generation of AirPods. Because after the removal of the headphone jack going wireless is the best bet.

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Being an improved version the upcoming 2nd generation Apple AirPods might also cost a lot more and might charge a higher premium compared to the current $159 price tag.