Qualcomm is nearly on the edge of a financial crisis after a $1 billion claim filed by Apple for expanded royalty installments. If the most recent reports are genuine, it could be in a position of colossal calamity if the installment keeps on getting postponed.

“Apple has deliberately misrepresented our understandings and negotiations, and also the enormity and worth of the technology we have created, contributed and shared with all cell phone producers through our license program,” states Don Rosenberg, Executive VP of Qualcomm.

IT24 qcom 011717 shutter If Apple postpones royalty installment, Qualcomm may be on the verge of a financial crisis

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The claim happens to be filed when Qualcomm is now stuck in an unfortunate situation with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) anti-trust lawsuit.

The controllers in Europe and the U.S. will look at the business practices of the organization with respect to its profound well of licenses utilized as a part of the vast majority of the wireless gadgets. Royalties from these licenses adds to around 80 percent of the organization’s pre-tax profit.

larger 15 APPLE Legal logo gavel1 If Apple postpones royalty installment, Qualcomm may be on the verge of a financial crisis

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Claim Filed By Apple And FTC

Qualcomm has as of now seen numerous lawful issues and difficulties relating to its patent-driven plan of action, this one postured by Apple seems the hardest it has confronted as of late. As Tech Times revealed, in its claims, Apple considers Qualcomm accountable of outlandishly charging billions of dollars as royalty. The chipmaker has additionally been considered responsible for withholding an installment of $1 billion for Apple’s honest reaction to the regulators.

qualcomm apple reu l If Apple postpones royalty installment, Qualcomm may be on the verge of a financial crisis

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Qualcomm’s Financial Crisis

Qualcomm’s shares fell by 11 percent on Monday, enlisting its second greatest decrease in the last seven years because of the of the claim by Apple. Speculators had noticed this circumstance with extraordinary enthusiasm, pulling back $13 billion from Qualcomm’s market worth. The choice additionally happened to concur with the news on the lawsuit. The descending pattern may proceed for Qualcomm as this episode may start a comparative response among different organizations utilizing its items. If they all begin filing claims in a steady progression, the chipmaker’s whole licensing model will endure a colossal shock.

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