Apple iPhone users would no longer have to deal with poor performance anymore. As Apple is planning to pull the plug on its battery saving feature. That have been limiting the performance on older iPhone models.

The CEO of Apple named Tim Cook just said that the company is working on a new update. That will allow its user the option to turn off power management feature on older iPhone models. Which starts its way from the iPhone 6 and is also found on last year’s iPhone 7. With this new update iPhone users would finally be able to get rid of CPU throttling. But Apple won’t be showing how to do it, instead users would need to figure it out themselves.

iPhone X Low Power Mode Apple Plans To Remove Battery Saving Feature From iOS With A Future Update

A lot of iPhone users might also not turn it off. Because not everyone wants to go and do stuff that they are not aware of. Apple introduced its power saving feature with the launch of iOS 10.2.1 update. But according to Tim, Apple should have been clearer about this matter. Rather than not mentioning about it at all.

The reason why Apple introduced its power saving feature was because of uneven power delivery. Something that was necessary to deal with the shutdown issue. Apple CEO Tim Cook also deeply apologized to its customers for not bringing it out sooner. Which made a lot of customers think Apple had other motives for doing such a thing. Because Apple was being accused of doing it on purpose. So their users would have the need to upgrade every year.

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DSC07213 Apple Plans To Remove Battery Saving Feature From iOS With A Future Update

With the new update Apple will also bring a better and improved battery saving feature. That would finally allow users to get rid of the power management feature on both older and new iPhone models. Though there is also the risk of random shutdowns due to uneven power delivery.

What do you think about Apple’s decision regarding this matter?