There are certain rules regarding intellectual property filings, patent holders e.g.Nokia can often file its lawsuits wherever it is required. The Eastern District of Texas,Swede,Spain,Hong Kong,Japan, UK,Italy ,Germany ,Finland has become a hotspot for patent holders pursuing infringement cases because the district has a reputation for settling in the plaintiffs favor at a higher rate.

nokia patent Apple , Nokia patent controversy getting more intense


Nokia itself is no longer producing mobile phones (although phones are being manufactured under its name as part of licensing agreements) so the company has become more aggressive in pursuing patent claims.But the company is leader among the cell phones producers.There is  a tussle exist in market on the basis of these patent issues.The issued has been started since 2009 and it has been ended signing of the petition in 2011 but this conspiracy never ended in its full potential.

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Nokia sues apple on intellectual property

Apple is pretty good at playing patent games,its filled its own suit earlier the last week of December 2016 on the use of excessive suits of patents that Nokia is receiving.

Xiaomi is planning to release Mi Mix 2 on the same date the release of iPhone 8