Recent leaks have suggested that Apple might be planning to cancel its most expensive phone the iPhone X. According to a new report, Apple is disappointed with the sales of the iPhone X and might decide to cancel it entirely. With its production being stopped this year.

Though it’s a big decision from Apple, it’s not something we haven’t seen before. Because the iPhone 5C was also cancelled after its launch in 2014. Aside from that experts also believe the notch to be the main reason behind the lack of interest on the iPhone X. Due to which many potential buyers are backing out, as they think the notch takes too much of the screen.

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According to KGI security analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to ship 18 million iPhone X models in the first quarter of this year. But that would be the last of it, because he also predicts that Apple might cancel the production of the iPhone X this summer, instead of selling it at a cheaper rate next year.

As far as the notch goes, well it’s a personal preference.  It’s something that you either get used to or grow to hate. But unless you’re using the full screen, the notch is barely noticeable. It’s also a big part of Apple’s new security feature. That contains 3D scanning sensors and cameras to power Face ID. Kuo believes that Apple might launch an even larger iPhone X model, known as the iPhone X Plus. That would remove the notch from the screen.

iphone x coffee Apple Might Stop Producing Its Most Expensive Phone The iPhone X

Maybe Apple was too confident in their new innovation. But I guess the market wasn’t ready for a new design yet. That also costs more than what you would pay for the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. Reason why not everyone went for the iPhone X.

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What do you think is the reason behind the failure of Apple iPhone X?