Remember the 4-inch iPhone SE that Apple launched last year. A small device with all the latest specs, that the iPhone 6s had. Well according to some rumors. Apple might not launch a new model of their current iPhone SE this year.

According to rumors, Apple have been clearing iPhone SE models from inventories of different stores. One being the Target store. Apple have been sending memos to different stores, to return the current models of all iPhone SE. Mostly iPhone SE with 16 or 64 GB of storage. No matter what the color of the phone is though. Aside from that, carrier based iPhone SE are also being cleared mainly the Sprint version of the phone.

Now there can be a lot of reasons why Apple is clearing iPhone SE from the US market. One being dropped sales of the smartphone. Maybe it didn’t do as good as Apple hoped it would. Whatever the reason maybe, but Apple’s March event is just around the corner and a move like that can mean, that Apple is up to something. While one employee at Target also confirmed that, they didn’t receive any shipment of the iPhone SE even before Apple launched iPhone 7.

Well keeping these speculations aside, Apple is rumored to launch a refreshed version of their current iPhone SE. The refreshed version will include two models, including a 32 GB model as well as a 128 GB model. Aside from the refreshed version of iPhone SE. Apple is also rumored to launch a new version of their iPad Pro with a 10.1 inch display. As well as a new Red colored iPhone 7.

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Personally what I would like to see in the refreshed version of iPhone SE. Is the new 3D touch and an improved finger print sensor. Because these are the only two things in my opinion, that the phone missed.

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