The Apple iPhone SE was launched last year. Where it was the first compact smartphone among its other offerings. Which came with iPhone 6s specs in a iPhone 5s body. It was what Apple fans were requesting for quite some time. Where with the launch of iPhone SE the smartphone was greatly received.

iPhone SE 2017 Apple Is Reportedly Working On A New Version Of Their iPhone SE

It’s the year 2017 now and Apple is rumored to be working on an updated version of their iPhone SE.  Where a recent leaked picture shows, that the upcoming iPhone won’t be similar to its predecessor. As the leaked picture shows a glossy back with a flash positioned vertically. Aside from that the upcoming iPhone SE is also reported to come with an ION-X glass back. Something that we last saw on the iPhone 4s.

In terms of specs the upcoming iPhone SE is rumored to retain its 4 inch display. But there will be improvements made to the display technology. Where we might see and OLED screen with a resolution of 640 x 1335 pixels. The smartphone also is rumored to be running the new Apple A10 Fusion chip with 2GB of RAM on board. If that was the case, then we might be looking at the fastest compact smartphone from Apple.

iphone 6 picjumbo 021 Apple Is Reportedly Working On A New Version Of Their iPhone SE

The camera on the upcoming iPhone SE might get an upgrade. Where we might see Apple use the camera from their current iPhone 7 smartphone. Or Apple might go with a different strategy and equip it with the same camera. That the company will use on their flagship smartphone.

Though being a software summit, we might see Apple launch their new iPhone SE smartphone at WWDC ’17. Which does not seem likely, but smartphone manufacturers these days have a neck for surprising its customers. And in that department Apple is quiet famous for surprising their fans with new gadgets.

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What are you most excited about, the upcoming iPhone 7s or the rumored iPhone Se 2017 ?