Apple is apparently pondering on making a legal move to pressure the Trump organization into repealing the controversial order and immigration ban.

The news takes after worldwide shock and public uproar with respect to the executive decree and comes days after Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and other Silicon Valley organizations condemned the immigration ban and vowed to support legal moves against the order.

tim cook 290513 Apple is taking legal action against Trumps immigration ban in the hopes that hell repeal it
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook


What Does This Immigration Ban Mean?

The official order marked on Jan. 27 denies refugees‘ entrance to the United States for 120 days, debars the Syrian refugee program inconclusively, and bans people from seven mainly Muslim nations from coming in to the United States for 90 days.

On Saturday, a day after President Donald Trump signed the official order, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to representatives saying that Apple does not support this proposed action and the organization’s Human Resources, Legal and Security groups were connecting with staff affected by the ban.

Cook additionally called attention to the fact that Apple would not exist without immigrants and said that the official order had affected many Apple workers. The CEO additionally noted that he has been reaching individuals in senior positions inside the White House to highlight that repealing the official order is vital not only for Apple, but rather that the strength of the United States originates from its immigrant background.

Immigration Ban 2 0 Apple is taking legal action against Trumps immigration ban in the hopes that hell repeal it


As indicated by Cook, the foreign foundation of the United States, more than any other nation around the world, paints it as a drive with the capacity and ability to accept individuals from an extensive variety of backgrounds. That is the thing that makes the United States exceptional.

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Cook’s remarks reverberate those of different leaders in the innovation field. Google co-founder Sergey Brin, for example, shared his experience going to the United States at 6 years old as an immigrant from the Soviet Union – the States’ biggest foe at that point. The United States accepted him and his family in those days, however the new official order paints an entirely different reality.

Apple Considering Legal Action Against Trump’s Executive Order

As indicated by a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently considering legal moves to battle the immigration ban, planning to persuade the Trump Administration to repeal the executive decree.

trump signs immigration ban Apple is taking legal action against Trumps immigration ban in the hopes that hell repeal it


Cook refused to detail the probabilities of this potential legal activity, yet highlighted that Apple wants to be both constructive and productive in its movement. Apple’s position with respect to the official order was an easy decision, says Cook, since the organization is selling its gadgets in more than 180 nations worldwide and it’s crucial for Apple to “look like the world.” Apple itself would not be in existence if the Syrian immigrant father of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was denied the chance to enter the United States.

It is yet to be seen whether the entire shock of the general population and the public standpoint of major U.S. organizations and their leaders will have any impact on the immigration ban. Trump has not entertained the likelihood of repealing the executive decree, however the battle goes on.