Apple will finally be launching its next iPhone tomorrow. Though there are still a lot of rumors regarding what the smartphone will be named. Where according to recent leaks Apple will be naming their next smartphone as the iPhone X, to celebrate 10 years of the handset. But other rumors are pointing out towards its generic name branding. Which would be iPhone 8 if Apple follows its usual naming scheme.

apple a11 chipset concept iphone 8 Apple Is Rumored To Introduce A New Smartphone Named iPhone X Tomorrow

Steven Troughton-Smith an iOS developer have also found some references which links the name iPhone X directly with D22. A code name that is used for a bezel-less display, which is also rumored to show up on the rumored iPhone X. Even though there are a lot of rumors surrounding the internet. The strongest one being is the new iPhone X branding. Though Steven also came upon references that also linked towards iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in the final iOS 11 firmware. While only the iPhone X is rumored to come equipped with a bezel-less OLED display. While the regular iPhone 8 and 8 plus will carry the same traditional design.

Whether the iPhone X is a thing or not, Apple is still in shortage for the supply of OLED displays. Where the only current supplier is Samsung. Who is also taking advantage of this opportunity by jacking up its pricing on the OLED smartphone display panels. While Apple is also currently looking for another supplier in the market that can provide them with a cheaper solution than Samsung. The rumored iPhone X will also be the most expensive smartphone among the bunch. Which is said to be somewhere around the $1000 dollar mark and will be unique in terms of design.

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apple a11 Apple Is Rumored To Introduce A New Smartphone Named iPhone X Tomorrow


Other news on the upcoming Apple iPhone includes a new processing chip. Which will be the Apple A11 chip. That will be carrying a total of six cores. Among which the first two cores would be high performance, while the rest of the four cores will be power efficient.