Apple last year announced to start its Apple pay mobile payment service in Brazil. Now the company is launching its mobile payment service across the globe. With the release of iOS 11.2, Apple starts working for the launch of payment service that will allow a user to transfer amounts from one account to another account. Earlier in this year, Apple gives hints for going international by introducing service in different markets.

First time Apple introduces this payment service in the United States and was limited in the US. Now the Apple Pay mobile payment service will start countries like Spain and Ireland. The Twitter followers of Apple are pointing out firstly Apple go within that region. However, in the UK, the app is running its operations. Apple will go internationally in multiple region around the world and start testing for the further improvements.

Apple Pay mobile payment app allows a user to make peer-to-peer transactions using a debit, credit or any kind of card. Keep in mind, all transactions made by debit card are free while going with credit card, users have to pay 3 percent charge of the total amount.

Moreover, the one of the best feature and benefit is that now users can send and receive money from one country to another country through Apple Pay app. But only one thing is the users have to pay a fee for international payment transactions. At this time, no other peer-to-peer transactions apps offering international transactions. Apple will be the first to allow international p2p transactions.

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apple pay 13 Apple is rolling out Apple pay mobile payment service across the world, allow users to make transactions internationally

Apple will definitely make improvements and add other features for Apple Pay payment app. I will inform you on receiving any new information about the Apple mobile payment app. What are your thoughts? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!