According to Mark Gurman a reliable analyst Apple is planning to launch a new version of iPad at the end of this year. Apple will also be expanding its chip division and as a result a lot of new devices will be introduced to the market. That will include new laptops, desktops and a new iPad.

Apple planning to launch new iPad towards end of 2018 Apple Is Expected To Launch A New iPad This Year With Face ID Sensor

Just like the current Apple phones the next iPad will also be powered through a dedicated AI chip. That will also come with Apple designed graphics engine. The rumors of this new iPad started back in October 2017. Where another analyst named Ming Chi Kuo also predicted a new iPad from Apple. According to Kuo, the next iPad will have a new design that will also include Apple Face ID on board. Aside from that the new iPad is also expected to come equipped with an OLED display and thinner bezels.

It’s been a while since we last saw a new iPad model from Apple. But rest assured Apple is working on a better version of its tablet. That will not only include a better and faster processor. But will also come with different iPhone X features like the TrueDepth camera for Face ID.

img 0046 Apple Is Expected To Launch A New iPad This Year With Face ID Sensor

Apple is also expected to launch three new models of the iPhone X. One of which will come equipped with a 6.1 inch LCD display, known as the iPhone X Plus. This would be a cheaper version of the iPhone X, opening up doors to a lot of new customers. That weren’t able to afford the price tag of the iPhone X. The iPhone X Plus is also expected to come with a re-positioned notch. That would be above the screen instead of being a part of it. The other two iPhone models will feature an OLED display just like the current iPhone X. Though Apple might change its materials to make it more affordable for its fans.

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What are you expecting to see on the next Apple device?