With the recent rumors regarding Apple throttling the performance on older phones. The company is now facing two class action lawsuits from its disappointed customers. Who weren’t really happy about Apple admitting to intentionally have done it.

There are a bunch of customers who are involved in the class action lawsuits against Apple. Which range from all the way back to the iPhone 5 as well as last year’s iPhone 7.  According to whom the practices that Apple have carried are immoral, unethical and deceptive. Maybe it would have been better if Apple was out with it rather than its customers finding out through other means.

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One of the users named Stefan Bogdanovich also made a lawsuit saying, this practice from Apple makes its users suffer. He also thinks that Apple is doing this in order to force its users to upgrade their phones every year. Which when put everything together does seems to be the case. Though Apple is saying nothing about it for now.

If you don’t know iPhone users have been facing slow down with each year. But a simple replacement of the battery can fix this issue over time. Apple does admits that they are deliberately slowing down phones as a part of their new power management feature. But also insists that their motive is not to make their users into buying a new iPhone or a new battery. But instead it’s done to keep the phone working at its best. Whatever the case maybe we haven’t heard any other company do something like this. Which puts Apple in a bad position, unless it was cleared from the start.

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iPhone SE Battery Replacement Nationwide Apple Is Being Sued For Tinkering With The Performance Of Older iPhones

So if your Apple iPhone isn’t as fast as it used to be. Just changing the battery would bring it back to life. Because the new power management feature on the iPhone would detect a new battery, allowing it to run at its full potential.