After the success of the iPhone SE from Apple, rumors regarding its successor are still surrounding the internet. Though it seems the phone will remain a mystery even this year. But in case the successor to the iPhone SE was a possibility, then it’s rumored to be manufactured and assembled in India.

Being a rumor this move does seem rather strange by Apple, because it has always produced its iPhone devices in China only through Foxconn. But then there is also India who have been manufacturing the iPhone SE phone for the past year. This move from Apple was done in order to save its self from high import taxes.

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Whatever the case maybe Apple might have a plan behind this. Aside from that a country like India might also make it a better choice for the manufacturing of the next iPhone SE. Reason being that the market just started getting Android GO devices. India is also the second most populated place on earth, which can also help Apple target a lot of new customers. A data also shows that every two out of nine Indians now own a smartphone, something that is far behind developed countries like US. Where two in every three US citizen owns a smartphone.

With a market like India, Apple might be looking at potential sales in the future. So if Apple is planning to target India in the future, then manufacturing the iPhone SE 2 might be a better choice. Or Apple could divide its manufacturing between China and India.

A video a was also leaked showing what it seems to be the next iPhone SE. That also came with a notch just like on the iPhone X, while keeping a design language similar to the current iPhone SE. Though Apple is expected to launch three phones this year, so the possibility of the iPhone SE 2 seems rather unlikely.

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