Waiting for Apple’s iPhone 8? You might have to wait till the next year. Apple’s 10th-anniversary phone may face a huge delay as the reports suggest that it won’t be out until next year due to some technical difficulties in the production.

pic 36 Apple iPhone 8 not coming out this year   Several reliable forums confirm the delay till 2018
As described in plenty of our previous articles, Apple has been facing some technical issues pertaining to the new OLED screen technology coming in iPhone X and some other functionalities that need to be addressed. The Cupertino team seems to bring some major changes in the design of the new phone and according to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 will have a completely bezel-free design with an OLED Display on the top. Also, the company claims to introduce the long awaited “Wireless Charging” feature in this phone and the phone will also make full use of the AR technology.

Business Insider’s Report

According to a famous forum, Business Insider, the Deutsche Bank has published a research note which states that Apple is facing some serious issues regarding the technicalities in the production of iPhone 8 and hence, going opposite to what we expected, iPhone 8 won’t be coming out this year. The research note’s statement goes like:

several supply chain reports have suggested that key component shortages and technical challenges could delay the release of a high-end iPhone 8 device this fall.

Other forums also confirmed the news for iPhone 8’s delay. A popular forum, Bloomberg claimed in one of its reports that the iPhone 8 and Mac Otakara can be delayed for one or two months.

pic 37 Apple iPhone 8 not coming out this year   Several reliable forums confirm the delay till 2018

7S Duo Will Come Out This Fall

Earlier, Apple’s plans included the release of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus with the iPhone 8’s release but because of this problem, the simultaneous launch seems impossible. However, the 7s duo will be released this fall according to the decided schedule.

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