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Although there is no confirmation from Apple Inc, but rumor about iPhone 8  design are floating on the internet.

The design will come with two glass panes for the front and back and supported by a metal frame in the middle to keep them together.
The metal and the frame both will be stainless steel,

According to the report the design look acquainted because it’s almost same as iPhone 4’s design.There has been multiple rumor that Apple  Iphone 8 will features a large OLED screen, curved edges, and a virtual home button with fingerprint sensor. The new iPhone 8 is expected to change  from LCD to OLED screen and Apple will invest $864 million to start producing OLED display

Apple’s next generation iPhone will end the usage of  aluminum‘The  stainless steel  metal bezel will enhance its durability and reduce costs and manufacturing time,’ According to report on Chinese newspaper DigiTimes it should decrease the costs by 30 percent to 50 percent.


This video give us a hint how the new version could look like, if Apple does release the device with this patent.

Apple is expected to reveals the iPhone 8 later this year.

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