Nowadays, Apple is busy in its new campaign about its new device which is iPad Pro. Apple has run new ads about this device on YouTube. Ads focus and talk about specs and features of iPad Pro over a normal computer. This ad is targeting computer users as they are doing criticisms on the device that it is not the real computer and can’t work in compared to a computer. The main idea of the ads is that Apple will listen to the criticism and negative reviews of the user and answer them with good details about iPad Pro so people get attracted to it.

df1216 ipadpro main iPad Pro Ad Campaign with Critics Tweets
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iPad Pro Ad Campaign

The Cupertino company is hiring many large numbers of people who tweets as real user against Apple product so everybody had the negative mind for the product across the world. In Apple adds while comparing tablets to PCs, Apple took some real tweets and different actors nattered them and then justify them.

Apple contacted to one of the users of twitter account with the help of the Verge, So it can confirm the reality of the tweets. The new iPad commercials focus on iPad Pro features, for example, LTE connectivity support, the absence of viruses, the iPad Pro’s integrated stylus, and the Apple pencil. All of these features are introduce so the transition from tweets can happen either about the iPad Pro itself or it bashes about PCs.

og iPad Pro Ad Campaign with Critics Tweets
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while knowing the fact that this device is not like an actual PC, Apple makers make a case specifically for the tablet which will make it better than PC and is faster also. It has a touch screen and also is offering connectivity with 4G LTE. Due to the right and better design and accessories with latest technologies, the iPad Pro of Apple might be very well and cool. It can win the attention of more customers this time around than before because it looks like a complete package.

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