Apple is on the way to hit first time it’s revenue uo to S1 trillion by its iOS products,remember that first iOS  device has been introduced in 2007.Some analyst says that total sale Apple is based on iOS and iPhone.

The company is expected to sell 1.2 billion iPhones along with include iOS devices the total sum would be 1.75 billion unit mark.On the basis of this sales data company is expected to be first $1 trillion company.According to Horace Dediu“In its first 10 years, the iPhone will have sold at least 1.2 billion units, making it the most successful product of all time. The iPhone also enabled the iOS empire which includes the iPod touch, the iPad, the Apple Watch and Apple TV whose combined total unit sales will reach 1.75 billion units over 10 years. This total is likely to top 2 billion units by the end of 2018.”

960 apples ios devices dominate mobile online sales this thanksgiving Apple iOS are on track to hitt first $1 trillion company
Apple iOS devices

It is  difficult to estimate  exactly how much revenue Apple has generated on each of its products. For instance, Apple has never announced Apple Watch sales, making any calculations about revenue from them a guessing game. It’s also worth noting that Apple keeps some of its revenue on the software side a secret. Earlier this year, Apple said that it’s paid $60 billion to developers since its App Store opened in 2008. But the company didn’t say how much money it kept.

iOS devices Apple iOS are on track to hitt first $1 trillion company
revenue pattern of Apple

In 2017 Apple would have generated around $980 billion from hardware sales coupled with another $100 billion from related services such as Apple Store sales. Dediu also states that as Apple continues to add more products to its iOS lineup, the company will see the increased number of units sold. He went onto state that he expects cumulative sales of iPhones, iPods, iPad devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV to exceed 2 billion units in sales during 2018.

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