4 43 Apple In Space; It Appears They Are Going To Be Investing In Satellite Internet Business

Rumors are Apple is maybe looking into providing satellite internet. Apple may be looking at being high speed internet down to you from a space. They are working with Boeing to hopefully achieve this. Apple is in talks with Boeing about either a partnership or becoming an investor to launch more than a 1000 low-earth orbit satellites.

Apple even hired two Google engineers who specializes in satellites to hopefully achieve this goal. Now the reason why Apple may be interested in this is because it would help Apple sell iPhones in emerging markets or third world countries.

Google and Facebook already is working on similar technology for Google and Facebook. Though it’s obvious if more users are on the internet Google and Facebook make more money through advertising. But Apple doesn’t make money through advertising, they make money on their hardware like the biggest one iPhone. By investing in something like Satellite Internet they could sell more iPhones.

4 44 Apple In Space; It Appears They Are Going To Be Investing In Satellite Internet Business

So, imagine the iPhone is the only phone to pick up this satellite signal that Apple and Boeing are working on, it’s no different than say ATT in sprint to locking their phones on their network for a set amount of time. This would have a tremendous effect on making iPhones a must have device for rural areas where other providers haven’t laid the lines for broadband or the cell coverage for 3G and 4G is non-existence.

The U.S may be a small market for Apple in terms of Satellite internet meanwhile folks at third world countries they don’t have broadband infrastructure may find that buying an iPhone with a bundled satellite internet may be more compelling purchase over Android or any other smartphone makers.

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