Apple‘s is getting arrogant as it is not paying attention or even listening to its critics, rather kept on going with making slight changes previous models and launching it for the highest price as much as it can ask for. Apple can ignore the critics but it can not ignore the sales sheets. Recent studies showed that Apple was kicked out from topping the sales lead, rather lost to an almost new competitor OPPO, so it might be a good time to think about the market share Apple is about lose from the biggest market.

apple iphone 7 sweeps prizegrab Apple Got Kicked By Another Brand; Oppo Topped the Sales Slot


Latest figures tells that in China specifically the smartphones shipments in the last quarter rose to almost 12% annually and 9% constantly p.a. which is quiet the reason Apple should see or else say good bye to this huge market which is filled up with its potential and current customers.

As far the demand is concerned, Oppo topped the market as as its smartphones shipments saw a 109 percent growth. Oppo became one of the top 5 that recorded a drastic growth in a year. Other brands in this race were Vivi, Meizu, Huawei & Gionee. On a broader scope these 5 were accounted for above 50% of the entire smartphone market in China.

Point of concern in this for Apple is that their sales were not even constant or even close to last year; rather it fell almost 21% for the full year. Apple wasn’t not the only which felt this jolt, ZTE & Samsung were also there to share this market share lost. They lost 10% & 5% respectively.

Apple to release 3 new iPads in 2017,

20160816 china Apple Got Kicked By Another Brand; Oppo Topped the Sales Slot



According to the sources demand for other brands also fell especially last year’s top seller Xiomi with even less than the last year sale record.

Apple was the going on the top with is previous model Iphone 6S, being the second in the line of the best last year. Although its Iphone 7 was another breakthrough in tech world but at the same point it was in vulnerable position as there were a lot of higher expectation from them by the users, which were unfortunately not met by apple somehow. However user still have higher hopes for the next model, even though it hasn’t not being announced yet.

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Despite of the fact that Apple users are their loyal customers, but Apple need to focus on its potential customer also as they are loosing their market shares to its competitors other than Samsung.