According to Tame Press it might finally be over for both Intel and AMD. As Apple is planning to move towards producing its own chips. The company did produce its own mobile chips, but for other device like the Apple Macbook lineup. The company is currently using Intel and AMD chips.

Apple is said to be working on three new Mac models that will be powered on Apple’s own ARM co-processor chips. An Intel or AMD CPU will still be there but other functions will be operated through an ARM co-processors. Because using an ARM co-processor would be much secure handling features like the Touch ID sensor and Touch Bar on the upcoming Apple Mac.

hello again event macbook pro apple t1 chip Apple Future Devices Might Entirely Run On  ARM Based Chips

Currently only the Macbook Pro and iMac Pro features these ARM co-processor chips known as the T1 and T2 respectively. Among which the T1 chip is only responsible for storing its user’s fingerprint data, without the need to store it anywhere else. While the T2 does much more as it controls things like stereo speakers, fans, microphone as well as internal storage.

Apple is also reported to be working on its own CPU. That is said to be more powerful than what Intel and AMD have to offer. According to Bloombery ”Apple watchers believe it’s just a matter of time before the company designs the entire CPU, at which point Intel would lose its fifth-largest customer’’.

t2 Apple Future Devices Might Entirely Run On  ARM Based Chips

ARM processors are improving day by day with some of them even implementing AI in them. Same is the case with Apple’s latest A11 bionic chip. Which come with its own neural engine acting as a dedicated AI. An AI can increase the performance of a chip by executing most of the random tasks for it. This has also resulted in chips that perform on par with what Intel have in the form of a CPU. So it won’t be long before Apple starts producing its own CPU.

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