As surprising as this may be, something like this was eventually going to happen by Apple. As there have been constant rumors regarding this matter. Apple has always been fond of manufacturing its own hardware and eliminating Intel out of its picture would make sense.

According to some inside sources, Apple has been successful and is already in the developmental stages of making its own chips. Though a process like this does take its time, so we might have to wait a little longer. The first Apple designed product is expected to get unveiled in the year 2020. Aside from that it’s also not confirmed yet, what device Apple is planning to use its new chips on. But the company has been rumored to use its in house chips on Mac devices for quiet long.

macchip min Apple Expected To Ditch Intel Chips For Mac In The Near Future

Intel might also be responsible for such an action from Apple. As when the company launched its Macbook Pro series back in 2016. Apple was offering Intel Skylake chips along with it, instead of Kaby Lake. That according to some reports was entirely Intel’s fault. As Intel was not able to design kaby Lake based chips for Apple Macbook Pro series in time.

Whatever the case maybe, this might also go in the favor of Apple. Because then Apple would have complete control over both the hardware and software. This would also let Apple squeeze out as much perform as they can from future Mac devices. Because the processor on the current Apple iPhone X rivals even some Intel chips, when it comes to performance. Aside from that Apple is also working on making its own display panels. Where recently the company was rumored to be working on microLED panels with the help of TSMC.

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Everything considered Apple might make its future Mac devices run on chips that are designed in house. What are your thoughts about this matter?

macbook pro Apple Expected To Ditch Intel Chips For Mac In The Near Future