In order to make the next iPhone X Plus phone successful, Apple was rumored to kill off the iPhone X. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. As according to recent reports Apple will continue to sell the iPhone X, even after the rumored iPhone X Plus is launched. That will be a bigger and cheaper model of the iPhone X, equipped a 6.1 inch LCD panel.

maxresdefault 2 Apple Expected To Continue With The Sales Of iPhone X This Year

According to some industry sources, Apple will be launching two iPhone models. Both of which will come equipped with an OLED panel. Among these two models one is also expected to come equipped with a 6.46 inch display. These two new models from Apple would also be sold alongside the current iPhone X. Making Apple spread its new phones among a wide variant of potential customers.

Apple is also expected to bring in new partners as well for specific components. That will include other companies as well aside from Samsung. These potential companies include both LG and Sharp. Though Sharp being owned by Foxconnn might fulfill most of Apple manufacturing needs. Because Samsung and LG might charge a higher premium compared to what Apple owns.

If you look at the long term history of Apple. The company have always reduced prices on its previous models. Though this won’t be the case with the current iPhone X. As Apple is expected to sell it at a similar price alongside the next iPhone models. All of which will come equipped with OLED panels, aside from a single LCD model.

iphone x back held Apple Expected To Continue With The Sales Of iPhone X This Year

This new rumors does seem to be different than what Ming Chi Kuo predicted. As according to him Apple is expected to kill off the iPhone X entirely till this summer. But it looks like Apple is hoping to sell out all of its iPhone X models, before giving up on it.

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What do you think Apple future decisions would be regarding the iPhone X.