A while back we heard rumors regarding Apple, discontinuing its Macbook Air lineup. Well its look like Apple has been working hard and is expected to launch an entry level Macbook model this year, somewhere in the second quarter. According to some sources this new entry level Macbook will be priced similar or lower than the current Macbook Air.

Senior researcher Jim Hsiao at DigiTimes, predicts around four million units for the refresh Macbook Air in 2018. That will also be because of the price tag that Macbook Air offers. Which starts at just $999, offering a premium design with macOS ecosystem. Which is still better than many other alternatives out there. Though the only area that the current Macbook Air lacks in is the display. That still uses a low resolution TN panel.

macbook pro Apple Expected To Bring A New Entry level Macbook To The Market

According to some sources Apple is also expected to upgrade the display on the refresh Macbook Air. Where LG might be tasked with providing a new 13.3 inch a-Si panel for the refresh Macbook Air. Aside from that the refresh Macbook Air is also expected to get a bump in display resolution to 2560 x 1600. Which is similar to what the current Macbook Pro lineup supports.

LG will start shipping its display panels to Apple starting April. Where the company might go into production as soon as May or June. As for the specification on this refreshed Macbook Air, well Apple is expected to only include a single USB Type-C port. That will not have support for Thunderbolt 3. While the keyboard is also expected to get improved.

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The refresh Macbook Air lineup will probably be running on Intel Y family and will be designed for users, who do not want a powerful PC for their daily work. The new Macbook Air sure is becoming a good bang for the buck, what are you through about the upcoming Macbook Air?

e1 780x390 Apple Expected To Bring A New Entry level Macbook To The Market