Apple will surpass Microsoft in shipments of smart devices this year
been on top of device shipments followed by Microsoft
and then apple for a long time. But it seems like apple will surpass Microsoft for
the first time in this history.

According to analytical firm Gartner, ”in 2017 Apple’s shipment of smart devices (iOS devices, and OS X devices) will surpass Microsoft’s shipments of smart devices (powered by Windows) for the first time. Gartner then estimates that Apple will continue to out ship Microsoft through 2019”.

apple vs microsoft Apple is expected to surpass Microsoft in shipments of smart devices

According to figure from 2012 to 2016 the gap between Window and Apple device shipment is getting narrow with each year.
And it is estimated that in 2017 apple will take over the device shipment number over window.device shipments Apple is expected to surpass Microsoft in shipments of smart devices

Reason for Apple taking over Microsoft:
The main strength of Mac is tablets and smarts phones where as Window still depends on Desktop computer. As tablets and smartphones has taken the place of PC has helped Apple to reach Microsoft in device shipments.
So far and in 2017 it seems like Apple will surpass Microsoft in its devices shipment and will continue to increase the gap with each passing year.
In order to compete with Apple, Microsoft need to jump back in smartphone industry from which they walked away last year.

Rumors have been gliding around for some time that Apple is conveying remote charging to the iPhone 8