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Apple CEO Revealed The Reason Behind Slow iPhone Sales; Blames iPhone 8

Slow iPhone sales

In previous report we already discuss that iPhone unit sales is going slow, but the company’s flagship iPhone 7 plus standardise the value of its revenue as it break the record of iPhone sold ever. The company generates the revenue of $50.8 million slightly low as compare to $51.2 of the previous year.

The expectation was up to $52.2 million, expected by analyst but unfortunately the company failed to fulfil the expectations. Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook‘ revealed the reason of the surprising fall in the unit sales of iPhone. According o him reason behind the scene is the viral rumoured about the company’s next flagship iPhone 8.

“We’re seeing what we believe to be a pause in purchases of iPhone, which we believe is due to the earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones,”

According to Business Insider, the CEO revealed the point at the company’s 2nd- quarter earnings call with analyst on Tuesday, Cook further said;

“That part is clearly going on… We are seeing that in full transparency.”

Its for the first time in the company’s history that its product features leaked is very rare, this is because Apple secret law about the future product is so strict that its worker never estimate to do that.

But if we talk about the leaks currently roaming around then according to some tech news the giant hardware company is planning to release 3 iPhones in the following year among which on would be very expensive up to $1000. From tech intelligence report the company is going to adopt an edge to edge phone like Samsung Flagship Galaxy S8. The company is also try to introduce Augmented Reality in iPhone cameras.

We can not say anything with surety yet, lets wait and watch if these all rumours are not rumours, its all up to the company own.

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