The users waiting for the unlocked version of iPhone X now can put order to buy Apple flagship smartphone from the company official website, Apple Store app, and as well as retail locations. With the release, the smartphone was limited to only Verizon or Best Buy that was available at the premium prices. Now you can buy the iPhone X from the retailers and official website by paying for $999.

iphone x unboxing 09 Apple announced the company start selling an unlocked, SIM free version of the iPhone X for $999

Today, Apple officially announced the online purchasing for the iPhone X from Apple’s website. Apple asked the users to either owned a iPhone version with a  GSM or CDMA version of the phone that works with either AT&T and T-Mobile or Verizon and Sprint. However, the company listed the unlocked version under an option of SIM free. The unlocked version means a user can buy it to any Carriers and can enjoy an option of a prepaid SIM card.

iphone x multitasking Apple announced the company start selling an unlocked, SIM free version of the iPhone X for $999

Moreover, the carriers has many smartphones of the year for sale that are compatible to unlock version for both GSM and CDMA networks, including the Apple’s flagship smartphone. But there is a little difference between the carriers smartphone and the company official website smartphone. According to the report,

You’ve needed Verizon account credentials to make the purchase. Now, if you happen to swap cell networks a lot on the go, or switch frequently between iOS and Android, the SIM-free version is the most hassle-free version of the iPhone X you can buy and probably what you’ll want.

So, you are going to buy an unlocked iPhone X version for $999? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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