The latest rumored feature about iPhone is wireless charging circuit, all three models of iPhone are expected to launched with wireless charging. Also, these upcoming smartphones are not expected to release with the headphone jack. Broadcom is among the growing list Apple component supplier, according to reports, the both tech companies have joined hands to make wireless charging possible for the upcoming device.

apple iphone8 release date spece price official trailer Apple and Broadcom partnership to make wireless charging possible in upcoming iPhone 8

“They believe that the glass back cover is exclusive and conductor to wireless charging technology as it decreases the signal interference in comparison with metal casing. It is possible for Apple to introduce a feature of fast charging but  it is the requirement of the ecosystem to launch a more dynamic feature.”

The feature may launch later:

The little twist that analyst has predicted that Apple is going for partnership with Broadcom but it is not possible that it will be launch in iPhone 8. Although the upcoming model of iPhone has been heavily rumored with the wireless feature but Apple needs do a lot of homework. The project that both companies have seen possible may be tangible till 2018.

iPhone 8 wireless charging Apple and Broadcom partnership to make wireless charging possible in upcoming iPhone 8

Sur claim and analyzed that the latest partnership is very good opportunity for Broadcom because it will possibly generate $500-$600 million of revenue for the company. Apple iPhone is expected to be announced in September with overhaul design. The larger iPhone is expected featured with OLED display plus dual camera an improved photography.

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