Again Apple is entangled in the legal tussle and this time it is reportedly contravening a patent which is 15 years old as stated by the reports. The iMessage service of the company could have the doubtful distinction of contravening the patent entitled to “point to point voice message processor, recording playback device and method”. Against Apple, the Lawsuit has been filed up by Seatoun Media at a District Court of Seatoun Media which alleges the company`s iMessage contravening the latter`s 2002 patent which pertains to voice messages. More specifically the recording and the playback over the designated network.

From Seatoun Media, the complaint details a voice message processor which is able to direct the message between the user and the POS system. The patent contravene the lawsuit against Apple which also claims that various products from the company deploy the iMessage that are default on this accord. The “Non-Limiting” list of the injustice comprises of iPhone 4 and later models like iPod touch, iMessage and iPads. The injustice shares a “non-constraining” rundown of the charged Apple items that are probably encroaching Seatoun Media’s patent.

Virtual Reality Apple Being Alleged With a New Patent Contravention Lawsuit, iMessage May Have Violated a 15 Year Old Patent
source: techtime

The items that are defaulting incorporate the iPhone 4, and in addition later iPhone models, all the iPads from the organization – including the iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad smaller than normal – the iPod touch and ultimately, iMessage. This is not the first run through Apple has been gotten in a patent encroachment claim.
Prior in December 2016, it was accounted for that the organization was secured a patent fight with Nokia. It has additionally had what’s coming to its of patent trolls, for example, the Chinese organization Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co., which claimed that Apple had stolen the outline for its iPhone 6 from the last’s 100C handset.

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How Apple Contravene the Patent?

iPhone 6 example is been cited by Seatoun Media which shares that users are attracted to deploy the option of iMessage option on their Smartphone to record and play the voice messages which is done via a “communication link”. The company alleges Apple on violating its patent indirectly as it permits the direct access of the service by users. This was done primarily by allowing voice messages to be exchanged. It is believed that in October 2016, Apple has been intimated about the patent infringement.

In a written notice the latter provided and asserted in the lawsuit that Apple is knowingly contravening its patent as Apple has not responded to the allegations. Found guilty, the company will not only have to shell out a confidential sum as it damages to the aggrieved party, but also free for the attorneys.