After the launch of Apple AirPods online many has complained about the battery draining of AirPods. Apple advertised  and claimed the battery life of Airpods is 24 hours but user are facing problem in sustain able battery. AirPods should e charged up to ear nodes when it remain in charging case.It is noticed by the when the AirPods come s out of the casing its battery is drained to 40%.So,it seem Apple is unable to fulfill it’s promise of 24 hours battery life.

maxresdefault 14 Some Apple AirPods are facing upto 40% battery drainage issues

While some users are intended to say that Apple has intended to design the product in this way,even at minimum or no usage of is not company that is master in fixing battery issue.No solution will be provide in near future.

i t8wj2zb X3 1280x720 Some Apple AirPods are facing upto 40% battery drainage issues
Apple AirPode and handset

severinskulls describes his experience as follows:

“I was having the exact same issue you had. Airpods in case, go to bed with full charge and waking up with 15%-20% of the case charge gone. Thats a full charge cycle for the airpods themselves!”

“Sooooo I just checked. Airpods and case were 100% at 9pm last night. Checked just now at 9am the next morning and they are STILL at 100%, both the pods and the case. I had Bluetooth on my phone on all night too. With the other pair in the same situation, I would have lost 14-20% charge by now.”

It is unclear now how widespread the battery issue is ,but it is also noticed that only few unfortunate customers found faulty AirPodes ,they should reclaimable and replace the charging case.

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