ap1 1 Apple Airpods: why does Apple have a problem with its manufacture?


Why does apple have a problem with the manufacture of the new wireless AirPods? About three months ago apple dropped its headphone jack and introduced the Apple AirPods. They were expected to hit stores a month after the Iphone 7 was released. But they are yet to be available to the public and Apple has not given an exact date of the launch. The Apple company has denied any technological problems with the AirPods but simply state that they cannot be made fast enough on a large scale and they would ship it out when the product is ready for their customers. These AirPods have been equipped with new technology: a W1 chip. Apple promises long battery life with the new chip and better audio quality.

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When people heard about these AirPods, they started joking about how easy it would be to lose a pair of these. Apple has yet to correct that problem or comment on it. One of the issues is getting the signal to both the ear buds to stay in synchronization. Apple must make certain that both the ear buds be given audio simultaneously to refrain from distortion. But what happens when the battery runs out? Will a person have to buy another pair which already has a hefty price tag? Are people actually going to buy something that is more expensive than some phones on the market just because it is wireless and is an Apple product? It does not seem worth the price when there are other headphones with much better audio quality then the one apple is offering and the only plus point with the AirPods is the wireless connectivity. It does not make people want to drop their money on an item that does not have many features to offer.

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Some people believe Apple announced the product too early and should have waited until the AirPods were market-ready. It seems like a mishap on Apple’s part to announce a product without properly engineering and designing the product first and fully testing them. When this product finally launches we will see if it lives up to its hype.