Apple finally admits that the screen on its iPhone X will be suffering from the same issue its competitors are. Which are basically related to using an OLED display instead of the regular displays that Apple have been using till now.

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If you don’t know OLED technology is claimed to be the next big step in display technology. Because of its pitch black colors, which makes anything on the screen look vibrant. Though being a new technology it’s also costs a lot to manufacture an OLED panel. But being better and expensive to manufacture, OLED displays still face one common problem. That is shift in color and hue when the display is viewed from an angle.

Despite this issue Google was the first to equip its smartphone with an OLED display. Which was followed by Apple with the launch of the new iPhone X. Though Apple is admitting that the issue is related to OLED technology by saying “This is a characteristic of OLED and is normal behaviour. With extended long-term use, OLED displays can also show slight visual changes. This is also expected behavior and can include ‘image persistence’ or ‘burn-in,’ where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen.”

Apple also calibrated the display on its iPhone X. That combined with the TrueTone technology should be able to balance everything. Though that does not seem to be the case with both Apple and Google. While Samsung who also uses an OLED display on both its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices, does not seem to be facing any issues like what Apple and Google are facing.

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So is Apple to be blamed for not correcting the issues that OLED panels have? Well just like Samsung, Apple could have also learned from the mistake that other manufactures have faced during their implementation of an OLED panel. Whatever the case maybe Apple fans will also argue over their smartphone having better displays than its competition. Even though Samsung offers the best OLED technology on a smartphone to date.