A lot of rumors are surfing about what would be the next iPhone would be like or what it could be possessing in its specs and design to the it “yuge” (huge). If the next iPhone, expected to be named as iPhone X actually comes up with special features like wireless charging, it might be right to call it “YUGE!!”

apple iphone 5c vs 5s rear1 Another Rumor Or Reality: Is Apples iPhone X Coming In 2017 ?

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A research note by Timoth Arcuri used descriptor selected by the president of the company to predict the effect of next flagship of Apple so called iPhone X. However later on the note was passed to Business Insider and also to the Apple Insider.

Hiding the source but still pointing it in the supply chain of Apple, Arcuri claimed that the year 2017 will be having a huge launch of the next flagship of iPhone i.e iPhone X. It might come up with a curved OLED display using the technology same done by the Samsung device; which might not be ethical, however it still makes sens as Samsung seems to be the only supplier reported of the new display techs.

iPhone 6 ecran incurve Another Rumor Or Reality: Is Apples iPhone X Coming In 2017 ?

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To make enough space for end to end OR edge to edge display screen, earpiece, light sensor, fingerprint scanner, and the front camera would be mounted into the touch panel to make it Edge-to-Edge screen.

Further more Arcuri predicted that the iPhone X might come up with a new laser sensor plus infrared near the front-facing camera along with the wireless charging.

By switching to OLED from traditional LED & edges curved with edge-to-edge screen, Apple might be able to step in the new and some worth spending redesigned handset device.

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Despite of these research note, most of Arcuri’s words were speculation and less document supported, in 2017 two of the iPhone franchise flagship are to be launch iPhone 7s & 7S Plus, the next episode of the last year’s iPhone 7 & 7Plus, with a bit changes, that obviously does not have enough worthiness to be paid against, that they would be asking against for.
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