1 Another GPU from AMD has been revealed: Radeon Vega Frontier Edition (Pictured and Detailed)

There’s this new GPU which has been revealed by AMD and that is their second one the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition GPU. This graphic card will have the fastest core and memory to allowing the gamers the best experience in gaming. There will be two GPU’s; one water-cooled and one air-cooled.

On performance side comparing Vega Frontier and Titan XP, it easily beats the Titan XP by a wide margin. In the spec view 12.1 benchmark, it’s very impressive to see these numbers. The notable portions of the GPU is that it’s ready for machine learning. AMD claims that this GPU has 50% more performance than any current top machine learning GPU out right now.

The GPU will have AMD’s liquid VR technology for media content creator. AMD says that this GPU is for game designers for all stages of game design process from texture, modeling, play testing and optimization and delivery.

During this Vega Frontier presentation AMD also announced Radeon Pro SSG but this is beyond my interest. It’s really targeted towards production companies who are in the forefront of 8k video production. The most notable thing of this Radeon Pro SSG is that it has the ability to work with 2 TB of data and it does it very very fast. So, it looks impressive but then again this is for the professional video production market.

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Vega Air Cooled Model:

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Liquid Cooled Model:

So, while this Vega Frontier is not really targeted for low budget gamers. It nonetheless gives us insight into what gaming with RX Vega is capable of but honestly while AMD drags her feet with Vega product launch. Nvidia is sitting back, reaping the profits of Pascal for the past year now and will likely release or leak some keys about Volta just as AMD launches the Vega. And even if Nvidia doesn’t have a product to launch to compete with the RX Vega, it still is the mind game. They could tease something that’s vastly more powerful than Vega. It causes to people to think twice about upgrading to Vega and that could happen.

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