Whenever u are busy with your work or trying to focus on something special there always a person roaming around you to distract you from what you really want to do.we should have some excuse to avoid him. The thing I m going to introduce you today is a Chrome extension which is perfect for those looking to increase their productivity and actually get work done by helping them ignore annoying coworkers. It serves as the perfect emergency button for getting out distracting situations.

nope is the chrome extension for ignoring annoying coworkers Another Chrome Extension: NOPE To Stop Annoying Co workers
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NOPE is the chrome extension which will provide you the excuse to avoid such distractions. Yeah, it sounds quite funny that how can a chrome extension provide u with an excuse. Yes, it will I will tell you how is it now possible.
Nope is an extension which is installed on chrome and appears on title bar with other extensions you have installed. As soon as you feel that the annoying person is just coming near by you to distract you with his talkative nature or with his other deeds you just need to click on the icon of the NOPE extension on chrome you will get a call from chrome on your activated no and thus you got a good excuse to make just tell that man that you have to attend the call and pretend to be attending the call and see that person moving ahead and you are done with it. It sounds good Yeah its really is an owes work by breather.

gallery tech google chrome Another Chrome Extension: NOPE To Stop Annoying Co workers
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For receiving a call you must first activate your no by entering the no in nope extension menu and you are done with it now no more coworkers will be able to distract you from your motives.you must give a try to this extension I m damn sure you are going to love it as I do for sure.

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